Web Browser Information

Web Browser Basics

The following Web Browsers are supported by Tabor:

Google Chrome - Download link
Mozilla Firefox - Download link
Safari - Download link
We no longer support any versions of Internet Explorer, or its replacement Edge, as they  lack compatibility with VET Learn and Tabor Online.  They may work but randomly students will not be able to do various functions, or will get error reports. 

If you do not have Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Safari, please download them at the links above.  They are free downloads, and using the official links above, will ensure you do not get annoying add-ons.  Note too that it is helpful to have more than one web browser on your computer, because if you can't do a particular function, open a file, etc. sometimes it works OK on another browser.

The following videos will walk you through the basics of a Web Browser.

Video 1  demonstrates the following,

  • What a Web Browser is
  • What is the Internet
  • Opening a Web Browser


Video 2 demonstrates the following,

  • What are Tabs
  • What is a URL
  • What is a Home Page
  • What is the Search Bar

Video 3

  • How to create, save and organise Bookmarks/Favourites from your web browser.


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